A Saturday afternoon fire in the southwest community of Wildwood has caused significant damage to a home

At approximately 1:40 p.m., fire crews were called to the 0-100 block of Windermere Rd. S.W. following reports of smoke billowing from a home.

“As the crews were attempting to make entry, they were going through the doorway and the building flashed over on them, the fire drove them out,” said Calgary Fire Department Battalion Chief Ernie Molineaux.

Molineaux says thermal cameras recorded temperatures in excess of 1600 degrees Fahrenheit within the home.

“It’s taken our crews a little bit of time to control the fire. It is actually on all three floors – the basement, the main floor and up into the attic.”

Two adults, a male and a female, who live in the home, escaped the building without incident. The whereabouts of an adult male who lived in the basement was unknown for several hours, but the man has been located and was not injured in the fire..

An investigation into the fire is underway but officials do not suspect arson or criminal activity.

Police initially reported a body had been discovered in the home, but have since retracted that claim.