SAIT and the oil sands industry announced a new collaboration Wednesday that both hope will lead to discovering environmentally-friendly sustainable solutions to the challenges faced by the energy industry.

The Once Through Steam Generator (OTSG) lab is used for conducting leading-edge research and innovation in energy efficiency and environmental performance.

OTSG lab is working closely in collaboration with the Canadian oil sands industry to find environmentally sustainable solutions to the challenges associated with steam generation, said John Brogly, water director at Canada’s Oilsands Innovation Alliance.

“It’s a great collaboration between industry and academia,” Brogly added.

The overall goal of the OTSG research is to deepen the knowledge and skills in steam generation and offer sustainable, clean-tech solutions which contribute to the progressive transformation of the energy sector.

“The technology and research that is being done in this facility has the potential to improve the environmental performance of the oil sands and reduce the costs at the same time,” said Brogly.