CALGARY -- If you've been to a gas station lately, you might have noticed that pump prices are up again to nearly a dollar a litre in both Calgary and Edmonton.

According to, the most expensive price for a litre of regular gas in the City of Calgary is 92.9 cents, but some stations are still offering gas for a bit lower than that.

The site says the cheapest gas, at 79.9 cents per litre, can still be found at the Co-op station at 4122 Brentwood Rd. N.W.

Meanwhile, Edmontonians are still enjoying a bit of a break from high gas prices. The average price per litre of regular fuel in that area still goes for about 89.2 cents per litre, with the cheapest price listed at 71.9 cents.

GasBuddy indicates that Alberta, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island appear to have the lowest gas prices in Canada so far.

Even residents in southern Ontario are seeing prices under 90 cents per litre.

However, B.C. residents are still seeing among the highest prices for gas in Canada, GasBuddy says.

While the lowest price in the Vancouver area is 99.9 cents per litre, most drivers will only be seeing somewhere between $1.10 and $1.20 a litre at stations throughout that city.