CALGARY -- Alberta Fish and Wildlife confirms the grizzly bear that killed a woman near Water Valley, Alta. last week has been captured and was to be euthanized Sunday night.

Officers captured two mature female grizzlies on Saturday near the site of the fatal May 25 attack in the community approximately 60 kilometres northwest of Calgary.

Using DNA samples, one of the bears — a mature, post-prime sow with extremely worn teeth — was confirmed to be the bear responsible for the woman's death on a trail on private property.

In a statement released Sunday, officials confirmed plans to euthanize the bear that night in accordance with the province's grizzly bear response guide.

"This decision is never made lightly," said Alberta Fish and Wildlife. "When it is made, it is to prevent more attacks by that particular bear."

Alberta Fish and Wildlife officials say the second bear was lactating but did not appear to be actively nursing, given her milk supply and the appearance that her cubs were not with her. She will be released back into the wild.

The agency has removed all of its bear traps from the area.

Officers confirm neither bear was involved in the fatal attack on a University of Calgary instructor near Waiparous Village earlier in the month.