Two Calgary homeowners say a lawn care company is hounding them for payment for a service they never asked for.

Alita Loewer says the company, Dr. Green, called in May pitching its services.

The Loewers asked for an email about the company’s services and said they would contact the company if they were interested.

Alita Loewer says “we had never spoken to anyone since then, we had never signed anything, we had never received an invoice and we had never saw them come out to our house and provide us the service.”

Loewer says she never hired the company and never heard from it again until it started phoning again in July.

At that point the company was demanding $260 for services.

CTV’s Lea Williams-Doherty phoned the company to ask about the situation.  The vice-president has agreed to review the Loewer’s file.

The Better Business Bureau says it has had complaints over the years about the company automatically renewing contracts.

The company has agreed to better inform customers.