A Calgary hockey coach has been charged for alleged inappropriate sexual behaviour with a female player.

Michael Shawn Bourgeois, 33, is facing five charges including sexual assault.

Police say Bourgeois was the 15-year-old player's coach.

The crimes are alleged to have happened over a three-day period last month. Police say they happened outside of hockey events.

Investigators have spoken to the teammates of the alleged victim. "As a result of those interviews, we had a pattern of behaviour that was identified, however, there were no other victims that were identified where criminal charges would be laid at this point," says Det. Jeff Klinger from the Calgary Police Service.

Hockey Calgary says it's unclear if Bourgeois had undergone a background check. "It is a recommendation that certainly background checks are completed. It is traditionally not mandatory within the associations to do that, we leave it to the respective associations," says Perry Cavanagh, the president of Hockey Calgary.

Police are urging parents of other female hockey players to talk to their kids. "For anyone else who has concerns about their child's contact with Mr. Bourgeios to come forward and discuss that with me if the conversations with their daughters give them concern," says Det. Klinger.