Where there once were holes, there may soon be homes in Harvest Hills.

Nearly a year after the Harvest Hills golf course was closed by its new owners, a proposal is before the City's Planning Committee. They are hoping for approval to add 700 residential units on the old fairways. 

Cedarglen Homes bought the land in 2014. 

Residents are worried they are losing green space, lifestyle and community gathering space. 

The community association also worries the new development would create traffic problems and place additional strain on schools and recreation facilities. 

“This isn’t responsible development,” said Rick Lundy, President of the Northern Hills Community Association. “This is very bad for the community of Harvest Hills and the other communities surrounding it.”

The committee will decide if the special purpose recreation designation on the land will be changed to allow homes.

The City's Municipal Development Plan calls for increased density in existing neighbourhoods. For that reason, it's unlikely the developer will be turned down completely.