CALGARY—Bobsleigh Canada has released Kaillie Humphries from her commitment to them, enabling her to try out for the American team.

"The Board of Directors at Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton have decided to grant Kaillie’s request for a release from our program," the organization announced on Saturday.

"This was not an easy decision, nor was it one we took lightly. Alongside our stakeholders, we carefully weighed all the relevant factors in this important and complex decision of releasing a medal-potential athlete to one of our top competitors," continued the statement, signed by the board.

"Ultimately, we firmly believe that supporting our current athletes and the positive culture they have developed as a team will foster the environment we need to successfully grow our sport and slide onto the international podium both now, and in the future."

Humphries filed a request to be released on Aug. 3, 2019. When it was deferred to allow for the ongoing investigation into allegations of harassment to be finished, Bobsleigh Canada says, Humphries filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the body and asked for an injunction that would force the sport's governing body to release her.

Earlier this month, a Calgary judge ruled the Olympian would not be released from the Canadian team to compete for the U.S.

The case was part of a year-long dispute in which the 34-year-old filed a harassment complaint against head coach Todd Hays, alleging verbal and mental abuse.

Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton conducted an investigation into the accusations but court heard Monday there wasn’t enough evidence to support the claim.