Members of the Calgary Police Service have arrested a local man and are reviewing terabytes of data in connection with the investigation into a social media account that shared inappropriate images and videos of women recorded in Calgary without the subjects’ knowledge.

On Monday, police were notified of the CanadaCreep Twitter account that circulated voyeuristic images including photographs and videos recorded under the skirts of women in public.

An investigation into the account was launched and, following a tip from a civilian, a suspect was arrested on Tuesday afternoon.

“A search warrant was executed on a residence in the community of Prestwick (in McKenzie Towne) that resulted in the seizure of multiple computers, storage devices and other electronics," said Staff Sergeant Cory Dayley of the CPS cyber/forensics unit.  “Investigators are currently examining multiple terabytes of data seized including hundreds of thousands of images from numerous electronic devices that were seized incident to arrest and throughout the warrant."

Charges are pending against an unnamed 42-year-old Calgarian in connection with voyeurism. The suspect’s name will be released once he is formally charged.

“There are six charges right now based on three confirmed offences. They’re under the voyeurism section of the criminal code,” explained S/Sgt. Dayley. “We do anticipate, after several more victims came forward today along with the analyzing of the terabytes of data that we have, that we will have more charges forthcoming in the weeks to come.”

“It’s extremely disturbing that anyone would think that this isn’t across the line or illegal behaviour. I know the public sentiment that we’re seeing around this case alone is a lot of people upset about the objectifying of women on this page. Whether their image constitutes us being able to lay a criminal offence, it’s still objectification of women and people which is wrong.”

Dayley adds the intiial priority of the investigation is to resolve the cases of the victims that have come forward to allow them closure in a timely fashion. "After that, we’ll be consulting with the Crown on the remainder of the evidence where we’re unable to identify the victim and look, based on Crown and police cooperation, at laying a global charge for further offences on voyeurism.”

The Twitter account, which had nearly 17,000 followers, has since been removed but police encourage anyone who believes they had their image shared on CanadaCreep to contact the CPS at 403-266-1234.