The Federal budget was released on Tuesday and one of the big talkers is a monetary incentive to get more health care providers into rural communities.

The government is promising to forgive up to $20,000 in student loans for nurses and $40,000 for doctors who are willing to practice in rural parts of the country.

Towns like High River need doctors as many of the residents are without a family physician.

Residents say they don't want to have to travel to Calgary every time they need care.

Albert Woo is a third year medical student and will be a doctor when he graduates next year.

A $40,000 cut to his massive student loans would be a big help.

"I think it's a definite option, yah, I'll keep it on my list of options as potential places I might work in the future," said Woo.

People living in rural communities say it's difficult to find a family doctor and they hope the federal government initiative will help.

"The people living in rural communities will probably feel a little more at ease, because they'll have more physicians to draw from, more graduates to draw from," said Dr. Ron Gorsche

Doctors in High River say this is a good first step to increasing rural health care workers.

They would also like the feds to help more doctors graduate from medical schools in the country.