CALGARY -- Sharing a name with a well-known politician can make for interesting online encounters, and Jason Kenney — hailing from Richmond, Va. — is no stranger to a case of mistaken identity.

He's recently been the recipient of some flak from Albertans who believed they were reaching out to their premier.

Kenney, — the one from Virginia — shared a screenshot to social media of an email he received, advising him to not lock down Alberta.

The tweet, along with his recommendation to wear a mask and practice social distancing, received pushback from users, who still thought the post was from Alberta's premier.

The confusion came in part due to their twitter handles — the Virginia Kenney's username is @jasonkenney, while the Alberta premier's username is @jkenney.

The self-described news and political junkie has added 'Not Canadian' to his twitter bio, in hopes that people will realize he isn't the Alberta-based politician.