A landmark hotel in Waterton Lakes National Park is nothing more than charred ruins.

The Kilmorey Lodge caught on fire at 4 a.m. Tuesday morning.

All the guests and staff were safely evacuated.

The blaze spread quickly and emergency services from Cardston, Cardston County, and Pincher Creek responded to the scene.

Despite efforts by emergency crews, they weren't able to save the structure.

What sparked the fire isn't known.

Fire inspectors will be examining the site when all the hot spots have been put out to try and determine the cause.

In a written statement, Cindy Ady, the Minister of Tourism, Parks and Recreation, called the fire "a tremendous loss ... for the community, the province and for Alberta's tourism industry. I'm sure countless visitors from here at home, and around the world, who have enjoyed the comforts and hospitality of Kilmorey Lodge will be saddened to hear this terrible news."

The hotel began receiving guests in the 1920s and was one of the original buildings built in the Waterton townsite.

The hotel was expanded in 1933 but a fire broke out then and burned it to the ground.

The building has been renovated numerous times over the years and was most recently sold in 2007.