CALGARY -- The tiny orange tabby likely crawled onto an idling truck engine to warm up, but ended up going for a ride that has led the kitten to a new home.

On Tuesday, a customer drove about 200 kilometres from Picture Butte to get his truck serviced at South Trail Chrysler in Calgary and when service advisor Jen Schielke popped the hood, she was shocked to find a kitten hiding in the engine compartment.

After a two-hour highway ride clinging to the engine, the frightened animal needed some coaxing to come out, but once it was in Schielke’s arms the kitten seemed happy to be held.

Other than a few singed whiskers the tabby, which appeared to be a few months old, was checked over by a vet and is doing fine.

The truck owner told staff he didn’t know he was carrying a stowaway but said it was a wild farm cat that must have been using the engine bay to stay warm on the chilly January morning.

The dealership covered the vet bills and staff tentatively named the kitten Eco, since it was found in an Eco Diesel truck.

One of the technician’s sisters has decided to adopt the kitten.

Though the kitten in this case is safe, staff say it serves as a reminder to check your cars before you drive off in the cold weather. Tapping the hood before you go could save an animal’s life.