The largest-ever seizure of methamphetamine in southern Alberta was made at the Coutts borders crossing earlier this week, RCMP and the Canada Border Services Agency officials announced Thursday.

Officers recovered 33 bags of meth weighing 55 kilograms from a semi-trailer on July 28 at the crossing about 110 kilometres south of Lethbridge.

A 40-year-old Calgary man was arrested.

The drugs were found in a box and large duffel bag during a search of the trailer.

Asif Mir is now facing charges of possession for the purpose of trafficking as well as importation of a controlled substance. 

He was remanded into custody and a bail hearing was scheduled for Thursday at Lethbridge Provincial Court. 

Insp. Charlene O’Neil with the Southern Alberta RCMP says the seizure accounts for roughly 500,000 doses and has a street value of around $3 million. 

“The success of this investigation is an excellent example of the strong working relationship between the RCMP and CBSA,” she said.

“Working together, sharing intelligence, resources and expertise, we disrupt international drug trafficking networks and keep our communities safe.”

O’Neil said it’s not known where the drugs were intended to be transported to, or where they were coming from. 

RCMP were unable to say if Mir had any connection to organized crime in Calgary or the United States.

Guy Rook, CBSA director for southern Alberta, says Canadian border officers work alongside investigators in the United States to prevent illegal drugs from entering both countries. 

“This enforcement highlights the important role and good work of frontline officers at border crossings, who are part of a larger team working closely with the RCMP to reduce the amount of dangerous drugs in Canadian streets and impact international drug smuggling,” he said. 

In December 2017, border officers seized 99.5 kilograms of cocaine at the Coutts crossing.