CALGARY -- Nearly 90 per cent of Calgarians in the city are fine with wearing a mask inside all indoor public spaces including municipal buildings and businesses, a new report says.

The full details are expected to be presented during Monday's council meeting, but officials tell CTV News that the vast majority of respondents to an online survey are in support of wearing personal protective equipment (PPE).

The survey, which was conducted on a group of 500 Calgarians, showed 89 per cent of respondents were in favour of wearing PPE. That's a 34 per cent increase in support from a similar survey conducted prior to Calgary's bylaw coming into effect.

The poll also found mask use is up on Calgary Transit vehicles and compliance with the legislation jumped from 45 per cent in mid-July to 95 per cent.

Face coverings were made mandatory in all indoor public spaces and on transit in Calgary on Aug. 1.

There is a $50 fine that can be levied against any Calgarian unwilling to follow the rules and it will cost businesses $200 if they don't post proper signage about the bylaw.

Administration is expected to recommend extending the bylaw until December, at which point it will be reviewed once more.