Many businesses in Mission have reopened since the floods in June but some are still going through the re-building phase nearly three months later.

The building complex that Sante Spa and Joyce on Fourth share finally has power once again.

The spa is located on the second floor and was able to reopen on Monday.

“The spa itself was not damaged in any way so we came in about a week ago and made sure everything was perfect. All of our staff are back. All of our services are fully operational,” said Kim Hochstein, Spa Director

Joyce on Fourth wasn’t as lucky and because it was so heavily damaged, it is still not open.

Like other buildings in the area, the air quality was so bad inside that it took weeks before anyone could even enter the building to start the repair work.

The building that houses the pub, sustained major damage to both the basement and the main floor and only the ceiling was salvageable.

“The Sunday after the flood, it was pretty devastating. There was water up four feet inside, everything was soaked, we tried to do some salvage, to get some stuff out, but it was soon deemed to be hopeless, everything was damaged, mould, sewage, it was quite disgusting,” said Stephen McDowall, Managing Partner.

They now have power but it's still not safe to turn it on so workers are using generators.

The owners say they are staying optimistic and are hoping to be back in business soon.

"We are down to studs and concrete floors right now, it’s a complete rebuild," said McDowall. "Best case scenario six to seven months from flood day to reopen time that's if everything goes well. So far it has.”

McDowell says it will basically be a brand new pub and he is hopeful that they will be open next year in time for Super Bowl Sunday.

Wurst Restaurant & Beer Hall was also wiped out by water and staff have been going full out to get the eatery back open.

General Manager, Chris Rosamond, says the restaurant was full of water but they were able to work fairly quickly to get through the rebuilding process.

“We were really quick to get dried out and emptied out,” said Rosamond. “We’re ready to go. We have all our ducks in order. We should have our drawings finalized tomorrow and then it’s a full pull.”

Rosamond says it will be a bit of a battle to bring people back to the area but they hope to open on November 15.

(With files from Kathy Le)