CALGARY — Calgarians who think driving is bad here should get behind the wheel in Mumbai, India for some perspective, at least according to the 2019 Driving Cities Index compiled by Mister Auto.

Calgary topped the 2019 Driving Cities Index released Thursday, which ranks the Top 100 cities in the world, while Mumbai finished at the bottom.

To create the list, the study collected data on hundreds of cities around the world, looking at 15 factors, including the city’s infrastructure, cars per capita, traffic congestion and road and public transport quality. It also looked at air quality levels, safety, and the costs associated with driving.

A spokesperson for Calgary's transportation department said it's an honour for the city.

"I think it speaks to a lot of the investments we make year in, year out, in Calgary's transportation system," said Sean Somers. "When you compare us to other major cities across the globe, Calgary is a pretty good place to get around."

Not everyone echoed the sentiment.

Numerous Calgarians CTV News spoke to Thursday had different opinions. One man even said he thinks Calgary is the worst in the world.

Somers says it's all about the driver's outlook.

"The routes you take, how far you need to travel, all that stuff contributes to different perspectives...if you're sitting on the Deerfoot at 5 p.m. trying to get home, your perspective is going to be very different."

"But generally speaking, Calgary is a pretty great place to get around."

Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, finished second in the rankings, while Ottawa was third.

Bern, Switzerland was fourth and El Paso, Texas, was fifth.

Three other Canadian cities made the list, including:

  • Vancouver (sixth)
  • Montreal (28th)
  • Toronto (51st)