Employees of a repair shop on Macleod Trail were stunned to discover someone had made off with the contents of the poppy donation box but the store’s surveillance camera captured the theft.

During regular store hours on Wednesday, a customer at Cell Phone Repair in the 9700 block of  approached the poppy box, grabbed the tub of cash and concealed it before leaving. Staff members were in the back of the store when the theft occurred and they didn’t realize the container was missing until Friday.

The employees contacted the Calgary Police Service and are hoping the culprit is caught.

“It really makes me sick,” said Jeff Cook. “I look at it like they are taking the money from the vets who need it.”

Cook is infuriated by the thief’s actions. “There’s other ways to make a buck than going out there and stealing from people that came and protected and fought for our country,” said Cook. “It’s not a great way to repay them by taking from them.”

The Calgary Police Service is investigating the incident. Anyone who recognizes the suspect in the surveillance video is asked to contact police at 403-266-1234.