Family members rescued a man after he was seriously injured in a natural gas explosion near De Winton on Monday night.

The blast, and subsequent fire, happened in an out-building on a property near 42nd Street and 271st Avenue in De Winton, in a rural area south of Calgary.

Debris was sent flying up to 30 metres into the air and thick, black smoke could be seen for several kilometers

"We got called initially to an explosion, then an explosion with a person trapped," said Chief Jim Smith of the Foothills Fire Department .

"The explosion blew some insulation and doors out some (18 to 30 metres), so a pretty big area."

RCMP confirm it was a natural gas explosion and a 36-year-old man was inside the building at the time.

He was pulled from the rubble by family members and rushed to Foothills hospital by paramedics.

The gas line was shut down so investigators could sift through the remains of the blast.