As the slow process of flood recovery continues in High River, residents of one neighbourhood are feeling left behind.

Four weeks after a mandatory evacuation order forced families from their homes, residents of Sunrise were allowed to return for the first time on Monday.

Homeowners have been informed conditions in the community have deteriorated to the point where volunteers are not being permitted to assist in the cleanup.  Citing health concerns, officials are only allowing family members and close friends to enter Sunrise.

Shannon Penner and her children have been cleaning the Penner home since Monday.  Shannon says the family is overwhelmed with the work, and they’re becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of help and information from the government.

“We had no idea what colour code our house was,” says Shannon.  “We didn't know what we were walking into.  We didn't even know how to get into our area so we just kind of guessed"

“If they can't send in volunteers then send people with proper equipment not just homeowners with their friends and family who can also get sick like volunteers can."

The Associate Minister of Regional Recovery and Reconstruction, Rick Fraser, says officials are doing everything they can.  He advises homeowners to be patient and take the time to assess their homes properly.

Residents in High River who need help, or anyone looking to assist in the cleanup of High River, are encouraged to call 403-652-6960.

With files from Kathy Le