Friends and acquaintances who were with Jeremy Steinke before and after the triple murder of a Medicine Hat couple last April testified Wednesday.

Tyler Randlesome hosted a party attended by Steinke the day after the murders.

Randlesome told the jury he wasn't a close friend of Steinke but he noticed him behaving normally, eating and hugging his girlfriend.

Two teenaged girls also testified about a party held the day before the killings.

One of the girls told the jury that Steinke talked about the killings after watching the movie Natural Born Killers.

But on cross-examination, the defence argued the witnesses memories weren't reliable because of the alcohol and drugs being consumed at the parties.

James Whalley, a close friend of Steinke, broke down and cried during his testimony. He described Steinke as a brother and said Steinke told him that he had killed his girlfriend's parents and his then 12-year-old girlfriend killed her eight-year-old brother.

"I honestly didn't believe him," Whalley told the court. "I said, 'Whatever you are on, you better give me some because it sounds like quite a trip.'"

On Thursday, a forensic expert is expected to testify about blood spatter evidence gathered at the scene.

Prosecutors have called nearly 50 witnesses so far and the Crown is expected to wrap up its case this week.