One of the men who pleaded guilty to killing two children in a 2004 firebombing in Calgary has been granted day parole.  

Michael Douglas Sheets will live at a half-way house on Vancouver Island.

Sheets is serving a 14-and –a-half year sentence after admitting he and another man were paid $120,000.00 to firebomb a home in Applewood in southeast Calgary as part of a love affair revenge plot.

Five-year-old Ali Al-Mayahi and his Four-year-old sister Saja were killed.

Their mother was injured after jumping out of a second floor window.

Sheets has escaped custody multiple times; most recently in 2005.

Documents show a psychological assessment concluded Sheets presents a moderate risk to reoffend but the parole board believes his risk is manageable with a strict release plan.

Sheets is due for statutory release in February 2018.