CALGARY -- Members of Calgary's roller skating community relived the sport's glory days once again over the weekend during the second annual Lloyd’s Legacy Skate.

The event marked the second year since the famous Lloyd's Roller Rink closed its doors for good in February 2018 after being open for more than five decades.

Since then, Calgary's roller skating community have been left fighting to find space to continue their passion.

The Roller Recreation Association is advocating for a new rink in Calgary, which they say would be a multi-purpose facility.

Saturday's event at the Junior Varsity Volleyball Training Centre (JVC) in southeast Calgary brought with it a sense of nostalgia for many avid roller skaters.

"Lloyd's ran for 53 years  so we had so many people that love Lloyds so much, and we didn’t want it to die," said Debbie Shipley.

"Skating is still alive and well, there’s regular skating going on every month and we’re here at the JVC celebrating Lloyd’s and all the regulars are together once again."

Group members say they're planning on holding the legacy event every year.