CALGARY -- Albertans are paying tribute to the province’s top doctor for her calming effect during the coronavirus outbreak.

Dr. Deena Hinshaw’s demeanour delivering daily information on COVID-19 has garnered many fans and some are paying tribute.

“In any kind of crisis or trauma we need someone to look to, to hold us together and I think she really has become the face of that in Alberta,” said visual artist Mandy Stobo.

dr. deena hinshaw, alberta, doctor, popularity, ar

She created a brightly-coloured digital portrait of the chief medical officer with “superhero blue” hair.

Another Calgarian created a t-shirt with the inscription; “What would Dr. Hinshaw do?”

“People recognize her as the face of someone who is a leader,” said Alison Van Rosendaal. “I think everyone feels this sense of calm and peace and safety with Dr. Hinshaw."

Van Rosendaal originally made 10 shirts just for family and friends but due to online demand, she is now working with a Red Deer company to get hundreds more made.

dr. deena hinshaw, alberta, doctor, popularity, ar

Even better, all profits will go to support Alberta food banks.

Stobo’s work also attracted a lot of attention online and she has made her art available for free.

All the downloadable links are available on her website.

“What Would Dr.Hinshaw Do?” T-shirts are available online.