Surveillance video of an attempted liquor store robbery show the store's owner and customer fighting off the robber.

Owner, Sukhgit Hensi told CTV News he had a bad feeling about the person handing outside his liquor store just before the robbery.

As the person burst into the store brandishing a knife, Hensi started calling for help. "Three or four more times I pressed the panic button. The sixth time the cops came," says Hensi.

While waiting for police, Hensi locked the doors in an attempt to keep the robber inside.

The suspect got angry and started stabbing Hensi in the arm and back before a customer joined in. The customer began smashing liquor bottles over the robbers head.

Shortly after, the robber dropped the money and took off from the store.

When police arrived at the liquor store, they notified hospitals to be on the lookout for a man with head injuries. The thief then showed up at the Foothills Hospital and that's where police caught him.

"We believe he's responsible for several armed robberies at both banks and other commercial establishments...we're looking at three banks robbed in January, nine other robberies at stores and outlets like that over the same period," says SSgt. Greg Johnson from the Calgary Police Service.

Jesse Douglas Nelson, 29 , has been charged with three counts of robbery. He still has not been charged for the attempted robbery at the liquor store.