CALGARY – A family from the Netherlands had a memorable encounter with wildlife during their trip to the Rocky Mountains as they found themselves right next to a moose.

Manon Platje, along with her brother and mother, had been returning from a hike near Chester Lake in Kananaskis Provincial Park on Wednesday when they encountered a moose in the middle of the road.

The family brought their car to a stop and watched as the animal made its way toward them. The moose approached the car and began to lick the buildup of salt on the vehicle, its antlers brushing next to the driver's side windows.

"We figured the safest thing to was sit still and wait for him to move on," said Platje in a Facebook post.  

The moose eventually lost interest in the car and continued on its way without incident.

Platje says the encounter was amazing and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.