Getting a $3 million home for $35 and a picture of your pet seems like a good trade.

The owners of a custom built inner-city home are counting on just that, hoping to sell at least 100,000 entry tickets for the 4,400 square foot Mount Royal mansion.

The entry fee allows you to submit a photo of your pet and the best picture wins, with three runner-up prizes of $50,000 each.

The dream home was built by a Calgary couple at the height of the boom in early 2014. It took four years and $2.9 million in construction costs to complete.

The downturn hit high-end luxury homes hardest. The owners, Teresa and Bill, were facing a mountain of debt and a large city tax bill and decided they can’t wait out the market any longer.

“We’ve been through a lot since this project started. We had setbacks from the very beginning, but we think our relationship has grown stronger as a result,” said owner Teresa in a post on the contest website.

“We had poured everything into this house including our love and dedication to one another.”

The contest will help more than just the current owners as $100,000 will also go to up to three Canadian charities.

The contest has already listed dog rescue group AARCS and the MEOW Foundation as two of the charities.

Contest entry details can be found HERE.