CALGARY -- The national ski cross team is trying to come back home after several members of the team became ill with COVID-19, CTV News has learned.

The team was in Switzerland, training for the World Cup season and that's where they contracted the illness.

CTV News has also learned that one of the members of the team is seriously ill. There is no information about which team members are sick.

Alpine Canada, the organization which oversees the country's competitive ski teams, would not confirm the reports of the illnesses.

"Alpine Canada does not comment on the health of our athletes," Alpine Canada spokesperson Whitney Hunter said, adding the athletes were coming back home for logistical reasons.

"We are relocating some of our Canadian ski team members from training venues in Europe to Canada where we can reliably and predictably access world-class on-snow training to get ready for World Cup races once they are confirmed leading up to the February World Championships."

The group also said some alpine and ski cross World Cup races in November and December have been postponed or cancelled.

Cases of COVID-19 have also been reported in members of the Russian and Norwegian alpine teams.

Switzerland is currently considered a "hot spot" for coronavirus right now. On Tuesday, the country reported 10,073 new cases and 84 new deaths.

There are 192,037 cases in the country right now.

This is a breaking news story. We will have more details as they become available…