Even though they don’t have a leader yet, a new poll indicates the United Conservative Party would win if an election was held right now.

The survey, conducted by Mainstreet Research, has the UCP on top with 57 percent support from decided and leaning voters.

The NDP follows with 29 percent support, the Alberta Party with nine percent and the Liberals with four percent.

Kenney, who spoke from Calgary on Tuesday, said he is optimistic about the results.

He says they show that Albertans are fed up with the job the NDP has been doing and want things to change.

However, the poll also shows that time is on the government’s side and a drawn-out battle for leader could affect the UCP’s chances.

Kenney is not concerned at all about how long it will take for supporters to choose a leader.

“I know it’s just one poll, but it confirms the whole premise of this unity campaign for the past year. The vast majority of Albertans simply want; a free enterprise government that’s going to get the province’s economy back on track and renew the Alberta Advantage. We have a whole lot more work to do; we have a whole campaign to run and we’re going to earn every vote in 2019. We can’t take anything for granted, but this shows that we are on the right track.”

Mainstreet’s poll also says there are a lot of Albertans who have no idea who they’d vote for.

27 percent of respondents didn’t know; nearly double the amount from a similar poll done three months ago.