The no-refund policy at a northeast gas station is angering customers again.

Two years ago, Lea Williams-Doherty investigated complaints she received about Sunrise Gas.

Customers were prepaying for their fill ups but, when their total was less than what they paid, they didn't get the change back.

Back in 2007, Williams-Doherty spoke to the owner and the no-refund policy was rescinded immediately.

Now, it seems the gas station has reinstated its old practices.

Myles Raddick recently filled up at Sunrise Gas.

While giving the clerk his credit card to prepay for his purchase he noticed a sign: "Due to rising credit card, debit card and cash handling charges and in order to keep our gas prices low we cannot refund any money on outstanding prepays. Therefore, if your car does not take the fuel you pay for then the remaining balance can be used to purchase items from the store, or be used for gas next time as an in-store credit."

"So, if I gave [the clerk] $20 more than what I pumped in gas they were going to give me lottery tickets," says Myles Hradec.

The practice may be bad business but it is not illegal in Alberta.