City officials hope the newly opened spay and neuter clinic for pets owned will mean fewer unwanted animals in the near future.

The program is geared towards low-income pet owners.

"They can get the help they need to get that animal spayed or neutered, which is going to reduce the numbers of unwanted litters that seem to show up at our shelter and our humane society partner, Meow Foundation," says Bill Bruce with the city's animal and bylaw services.

Numerous animal rescue groups in the city are partners in this program.

Currently, the city's rescue groups and animal services are full with stray and abandoned dogs and cats.

Bruce says reducing the number of unwanted litters is the most humane solution to pet over-population.

Calgarians must qualify for the program.

Residents must be at least 18 years old and have a total family household annual income no greater than 85 per cent of the Statistics Canada low-income cut-off.

More information about the program, your eligibility and your pet's eligibility can be found on the city's animal services website or by calling 311.