Trucks are once again moving at an industrial operation in the northwest just about a week after the provincial government shut it down due to excessive emissions of choking dust coming from the facility.

The Stoney Trail Aggregate Pit has been a source of contention for many residents in Rocky Ridge and Royal Oak who are unhappy with the amount of dust that comes from it while work is ongoing.

The plant was shut down last Wednesday when officials recorded a dust level seven times the amount allowed by government standards.

Alberta Transportation Minister Brian Mason says he also put other gravel pit operators in Alberta on notice because of the issue and pledged to take action.

“I directed it be shut down and we have put new standards in place and changes in the monitoring and we’ve made it clear that if it exceeds those standards again, we’ll shut it down again.”

The government requires operators to commit to use better dust absorption products, prohibited rock crushing any time winds exceed 70 km/h and committed to testing dust levels daily instead of every six days.

Residents nearby say that noise, traffic and dust are issues, but they’re most concerned about the impact on their health.

“I think about that a lot,” says Robert Desjarlais. “Especially at the houses with the new construction and all that going on now, there’s a lot of dust I know.”

Residents say that the dust won’t be going away, but they’re happy the government is stepping in to help the situation.

The provincial contract to open the pit expires in 2020.

(With files from Lea Williams-Doherty