There are so many students at a southeast Calgary high school that some classes are being held in hallways and the school foyer.

Joane Cardinal-Schubert High School in Seton has a capacity of 1,811 students but one year after it opened it already has 1,893 enrolled.

Calgary Board of Education says this year it has a number of high schools over provincial capacity and this year, several classes are occurring in open area teaching spaces of the Seton school.

"I have my social class in a hallway," said Grade 11 student Grace Beefus.

"Yeah, and I have a psychology class in the foyer," said Grade 11 student Reese Knutson, adding "It’s kind of hard, there’s lots of distractions."

Part of a statement from the CBE states that "open classroom spaces are allowing both smaller class sizes while also honoring the diversity of how students learn."

But some students are concerned about their class sizes.

"In the classrooms you’ll have like 40 kids to one teacher, so it’s really hard to get one-on-one time," said Grade 11 student Adam Turner.

The CBE statement continued: "The Calgary Board of Education has began a multi-year high school engagement with parents, staff, students and community members. The engagement will focus on how student enrolment can be balanced among 20 high schools across the city."

Within the next five years, 10 high schools will be operating between 100 and 150 per cent of their capacity, while seven schools will be operating between 50 and 85 per cent of their capacity. Only three of 20 schools are projected to be within the balanced utilization range (85-100%) that best supports student learning.”

This fall, the CBE is holding 12 in-person sessions, between Sept. 24 to Oct. 30, for the public to provide feedback on high schools, community designations and program opportunities.

Further information on those meetings can be found online.