Nearly 2,000 acres of a southern Alberta ranch will remain undeveloped indefinitely after an agreement was reached between its owner and the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

 “This is a particularly unique piece of land,” explained Stan Carscallen, owner of White Moose Ranch. “It’s completely undisturbed. It’s never been cultivated. It’s got a wonderful mix of open native grassland. Some very valuable native fescue land. It’s got poplar bluffs and willow and lots of spruce.”

“It’s quite a startling piece of land in the foothills.”

Carscallen purchased the land in 1992 and says Thursday’s announcement fulfills an agreement he had made with the late Doc Seaman.

“I had an understanding with the former owner of the OH Ranch, Doc Seaman, that he would put a conservation easement on the OH and I would do the same on the White Moose Ranch,” said Carscallen. “The net effect is that the land is fully conserved between the Highwood and the Sheep River, west of Turner Valley, that is a tremendous facet for wildlife.”

The preserved section of White Moose Ranch provides habitat to elk, moose, deer, black bear, and birds of prey.