CALGARY — Calgary parents of students who attend the National Sport School (NSS) are worried the school may relocate from its WinSport location or close down altogether.

The Calgary Board of Education, which operates the NSS, is holding an engagement session Monday night to have a “discussion about the future of the school.”

The meeting comes just days after the CBE revealed it is dealing with a $32-million budget shortfall. The funding gap leaves some parents wondering if the NSS will be scrapped in order to save money.

“These student athletes would have to find their way through the mainstream school system again without any accommodation for travel and their athletic endeavours,” said Cara Bonney, whose daughter, Georgia, plays golf and attends the NSS.

About 200 student athletes from grades 9-12 attend the NSS. The school allows for a more flexible learning schedule to allow students to train and travel to events and competitions.

The school has been located at WinSport since 2011. It has been the academic home for dozens of Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

“The CBE has been proud to support high-performance students athletes in both their academic and athletic careers at the National Sport School,” a statement from the board read.

“Students and parents are invited to join us for a discussion about the future of the school.”

“(A closure) would be catastrophic for the kids,” said Bonney.

Students at the NSS train in a wide variety of sports, including hockey, golf, downhill skiing and equestrian.