CALGARY -- The 53rd annual Pathway and river cleanup will take place Friday through Sunday in Calgary.

Every year, more than 400 kg of trash and recycling is removed from nearly 300 km of pathways and riverbanks in Calgary.

There are over 2,000 volunteers this year and instead of it being a one-day event, the cleanup is spread out over the three days to maintain social distancing and overcrowding.

"Although you’re outside, you don’t have to wear a mask but if you are near someone we are providing everyone with masks, we’ve also spread it out over three days," said Hadi Fares, parks program coordinator with the City of Calgary.

Over the past four years, ConocoPhillips Canada has offered its support to help the cleanup efforts. Its employees volunteer with fellow Calgarians in an effort to preserve natural habitats and promote environmental management.

Ross Stalker, vice-president of financial services with ConocoPhillips says this is an extremely important endeavour to be part of.

"We have our spirit values at ConocoPhillips and one is responsibility and teamwork. We recognize we work and live in a society and environment so it's just good to get out and do some cleaning up this beautiful city."

When asked why it's so important to keep our city clean, Fares says it's vital to our community.

"An initiative like this is really important. It keeps our community healthy, keeps the wildlife healthy and it keeps our community vibrant."

To learn more go to the City of Calgary's website.