CALGARY -- A judge has ordered the provincial government to make a decision within 10 days on a Calgary-based company’s oilsands project which has been in limbo for nearly seven years. 

Prosper Petroleum Ltd. asked a judge to force the UCP government to decide on a proposal that was first submitted in November 2013.

The Alberta Energy Regulator granted approval in June 2018 but the company has been waiting on provincial approval for 20 months.

Propser’s CEO says it’s been a very difficult time for the business. 

"We have had to reduce our workforce, we’ve laid people off, we’ve gone down to a 32-hour workweek," said Brad Gardiner. "Three of the top executives in the company are not getting paid. We are at the edge."

The Rigel Project is a 10 000 bbl/day steam-assisted, gravity drainage bitumen recovery project located about 70 kilometres northwest of Fort McMurray.

A decision isn’t guaranteed to come in 10 days as the province could also choose to appeal.