As of mid-November, people living in the temporary communities of Saddlebrook (High River) and Great Plains (Calgary) will be charged rent to help offset a portion of the operating costs.

“After the floods, our government committed to providing up to 90 days of cost-free accommodation for flood evacuees,” said Dough Griffiths, Minister of Municipal Affairs. “As people begin to make longer term plans for re-establishing their lives, it’s fitting that they now begin contributing to the cost of their accommodation.”

Flood victims in the temporary neighbourhoods receive accommodation, meals, utilities, daily housekeeping, laundry, internet, cable television and recreational services. The rent will cover approximately 10 per cent of the cost of operating the communities.

The rental charge will go into effect on November 15 with the price determined by the number of people residing in each unit.

  • One adult will pay $627
  • Two adults will pay $956
  • One adult and one child will pay $933
  • Two adults and two children will pay $1,217

Starting October 15, government staff will meet with the tenants of the temporary neighbourhoods to review their files and explain the rental fee.

Homeowners can apply to have their rental costs covered by the Disaster Recovery Program.