CALGARY -- Two boaters enjoying the warm weather on the Bow River Tuesday got into a bit of trouble when their raft capsized.

The Calgary Fire Department says two men were floating down the river near Fish Creek Park when their boat hit a large tree and turned over.

Both men went into the water but luckily they both had lifejackets on, so they were able to get themselves up onto the tree.

Once up on the tree, they crossed to an island in the middle of the river to safety. It was only when a passerby spotted the two men that fire officials were contacted.

After receiving the call from 911 dispatch, crews launched their inflatable rapid deployment craft upstream from the incident and floated down to there the pair were waiting.

Firefighters brought both of them to shore where they were assessed by EMS.

Both men were not injured, but they were cold from having been in the water for a short period of time.

Further information about water safety and tips about rafting on Calgary's rivers can be found online.