A new report from Statistics Canada says more and more Canadians are cutting the cord on their phone lines.

The study says that 88 percent of households have a cell phone while just 67 percent have landlines.

Statistics Canada also says that one third of Canadian homes use a cell phone as their primary phone line and doesn’t even own a landline.

Albertans are leading that statistic, with nearly 93 percent of the province connected via cell phones.

Experts say the trend will affect other industries, such as polling agencies.

“It’s something the polling industry keeps a very close eye on because we have to adjust our methodologies to reflect the fact that fewer people are able to answer a poll at home,” said Janet Brown, a pollster in the Calgary area.

Officials say that 911 services can also be impacted by the switch because landlines are linked to an address while cell phones are not.

(With files from Stephanie Wiebe)