CALGARY -- The government auction for four decommissioned cabins at a southern Alberta fire base brought in more than $16,000 for the province when it ended for good Tuesday night.

Bids on the steel-roofed structures started at only $50, but shot up to over $4,000 apiece.

The winning bids all went to the same bidder, known only as "Chuckn," who paid $4,101 for three of them and $4,102 for the fourth.

More than 11,000 total bids were placed on the four-metre-long cabins, which the ad said featured stainless steel chimneys and a tin and brick lining where wood stoves once stood. The stoves were removed from the cabins prior to them going up for auction.

According to the auction site, the buyer has five days to pick up the cabins from the Elbow Fire Base, located southwest of Bragg Creek, Alta.

The province said all of the cabins were being sold as part of a multi-year project to upgrade the base.