The $500 spruce tree a couple recently purchased remains in the tree lot of a northeast business after a family of robins decided to claim it as their own.

Pat Kamitomo, supervisor of the Golden Acre Garde Sentre tree lot, says the tree was sold prior to the discovery. “They put a sold sign on the tree and then we realized, when we were going to move them, that there was a nest in there with eggs in it.”

“I phoned and said we have a bit of a dilemma here,” recalls Kamitomo.

The buyers had planned to plant their purchase prior to a garden party they’re hosting this weekend but they didn’t want to disturb the nest. The couple agreed to postpone delivery until the birds moved on.

The eggs have since hatched and five baby robins now live in the spruce tree with their parents. Kamitomo says the tree lot is an ideal spot to raise a young family of birds with its lack of predators and access to water and food. “They’re eating berries and cherries and things that we have growing in our fruit area.”

On Friday, Bryan Chan stopped by Golden Acre to check on the progress of the birds living in his tree only to discover his patience would be rewarded. The store would not charge him for the tree.  

“Because you’ve let us deliver it at a later date and it has put you a bit because it’s not going to be as beautiful at your party, we are going to give you that tree as a thank you,” Kamitomo told Chan.

Chan called the decision to let the birds be 'a no-brainer' and was appreciative of the store’s stance. “It feels great to help a living family out here," said Chan, "And to get a free tree? That’s fantastic.”

The soon-to-be vacant tree is expected to arrive at the couple’s home by the end of June.