CALGARY -- The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has prompted organizers of Calgary's Field of Crosses memorial display to introduce restrictions in an effort to limit numbers at the site at peak times.

The rows of memorial crosses in a field along Memorial Drive, just west of the Centre Street Bridge, will open to the public Sunday, Nov. 1 but access will be restricted in some areas during scheduled events.

Sunrise and sunset ceremonies, held each day through Nov. 10 near the cenotaph, will be by invitation only but visitors may continue to walk along the crosses at these times.

The entire area will close to the public on Nov. 10 to allow pre-designated volunteers ample space to place a candle in front of each cross.

The Remembrance Day ceremony at the site will not be open to the public but will be available online.

The park will reopen to the public on Remembrance Day at 2 p.m. with a capacity limit of 100 people enforced.