CALGARY -- People in Alberta's two largest cities gathered Saturday for an event aimed at supporting both Canadian Armed Forces members and those who put their lives on the line to help others.

The third annual Rucksack March for Remembrance is hosted by Wounded Warriors Canada, a group that works to help soldiers, officers, firefighters and paramedics affected by injury, illness and suicide.

A small group brought the event down to Calgary.

"We all want to do better to raise money and awareness about PTSD, mental health issues, as well as some of the struggles for first responders and their families," said Jay Stephens, Calgary march organizer.

Calgary's event began at the Field of Crosses on Memorial Drive, while Edmonton's walk stretched along the city's river valley.

One participant said he wanted to honour his family members who served in the Canadian Armed Forces.

"My grandfathers were both mechanics for the air force. They both served, " said Fraser Allan. "It's a huge important thing you have to keep it in people's memory because it's so easy to forget." 

Organizers say over $11,000 was raised  between the two cities.