Homicide detectives are investigating a suspicious death that occurred early Saturday morning.

It happened inside a house in the southeast community of Erin Woods.

Police responded to a break-in complaint at the home.

It was just after 9:00 a.m. when the first police cruisers pulled up to the scene.

Within minutes, crime scene tape cordoned off the two storey home where the body of a man was discovered.

Police are not saying how the victim died but neighbors say they heard loud noises.

Payam Jafari wasn't sure what he had heard.

"It wasn't a gun," says Jafari. "I thought someone banging on a car door or something."

"I didn't hear a gun shot. It must have been inside or something."

Across the street, neighbourhood residents gathered and watched the scene.

Brittany Verkuyl says she's thinking about moving.

"It's very scary," says Verkuyl. "We have a little girl and we thought it was a safe community."

Verkuyl says this incident was too close to home.

Investigators say a home invasion is just one theory they are working on.

Dean Dowling watched as police removed people from the home.

According to police, everyone that is currently being interviewed in the investigation is associated with the house.

If the death is declared a homicide, it would be Calgary's first of 2012.