A third person has died after a basement suite fire.

Tiffany Cox died in an Edmonton hospital Friday morning. She was flown there shortly after the fire to receive hyperbaric treatment.

At Cox's former high school, memories of the 19-year-old are still strong. "Tiffany was a very energetic and social lady and loved life...she had this Shania Twain step about her, an air that no matter what group she was with, had that kind of confidence," says Chris Lees, the principal at Cochrane High School.

The fire that killed Cox started early Monday morning in a basement suite in the 500 block of 33 Street N.W.

The apartment caught fire after a space heater was located too close to combustible material.

Investigators found security bars on some of the windows and only one smoke detector in the basement. Investigators say there is no evidence the smoke detector contained a battery.

Firefighters rescued four people from the apartment. All were unconscious when they were pulled from the suite.

On Monday, Jonathan St. Pierre died from his injuries and on Tuesday afternoon, Colleen Mantei died in hospital.

The only survivor is still being treated in an Edmonton hospital.