It was standing room only at the Liberals ‘Rally for Real Change Now in Calgary’ on Sunday in the northeast riding of Calgary Skyview as a scheduled Justin Trudeau appearance drew an above capacity crowd.

Hundreds of people waiting outside the building in the Westwinds business park for a glimpse of Trudeau after they were denied entry as the number of supporters far surpassed maximum occupancy levels.

“Right now, my single minded focus is on defeating Stephen Harper and that’s what I’m going to stay focused on,” said Trudeau following the rally.

Despite recent polls indicating the Liberals are the favourite to claim victory on Monday, the leader of the party says he continues to work to earn the trust of Canadians.

“One of the things that is very clear is that this election is not over yet,” said Trudeau. “We still have two more important stops in B.C. We’ve been working very, very hard right across the country and we’re not taking anything, or any single vote, for granted.”

For the first time in decades, a number of Calgary ridings appear to be up for grabs and the Conservative’s stranglehold on the city may be in jeopardy.

“There are 10 seats in Calgary, the Conservatives will win handily seven and that puts three ridings at play, and they could win the other three or the Liberals could win one, two, or three of those,” said MRU political scientist Duane Bratt in an interview with CTV Morning Live.

Bratt identified the three ridings the Liberals could foreseeably claim as:

  • Calgary Centre
  • Calgary Skyview
  • Calgary Confederation

“If the Liberals win any of those it would be a huge issue because the Liberals haven't won a seat in Calgary since 1968.”

Following his Calgary campaign appearance, Trudeau was scheduled to attend rallies in Surrey and North Vancouver, B.C.