Students from the University of Calgary's veterinary medicine programming are monitoring the performing animals of the Calgary Stampede in an effort to improve the experience for the animals.

Throughout the 10 days of the 2019 Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, the research team is recording the bulls in their holding pens and searching for potential signs of discomfort or mistreatment.

"There's such polarized opinions about the Stampede and there's a lack of a lot of scientific data that has backing on either side," explained Zeanna Janmohamed, a veterinary medicine student. "I really hope to be able to just bring out that scientific information that shows what Stampede is doing in just a very transparent manner."

Calgary Stampede officials say some of the recommendations of researchers have already been implemented included the adoption of a new canopy to shelter the animals.

"We don't want (the animals) worried about what's going on over top of them," said Kristina Barnes, Stampede spokesperson. "We want them to be comfortable as they move."

"Being able to make those changes and having the research that's done by this team really helps us."

The report is expected to be completed by the end of the summer and the results will provide handlers with ways to ensure the comfort of the animals.

With files from CTV's Stephanie Wiebe