CALGARY -- Hey, look, it's the article on Rex Blocks I referenced on Tuesday and Wednesday, again.

Thursday is the day we're watching that Rex Block break apart, as the southern low portion is splitting and working across the continental United States.

The high will stay behind and build into a rather strong ridge over British Columbia, from which we will experience a reasonably consistent uptick in temperatures, possibly up to the low 20s in a few pockets of the southern prairies.

This dry spell will continue for a few more days. The latest fire ban comes in north of Calgary, in Mountain View County. These bans mean that one cannot use solid-fuel barbecues (charcoal briquettes, wood), fire pits, incinerators, burn barrels, and more. In some cases, gas barbecues are still fine, but check the Alberta Fire Bans website for full details in your area.

Alberta fire bans April 15, 2021

Sunday: We'll watch for our high pressure to destabilize after a strong showing Saturday, followed by a large low that drop temps and add showers and snowfall to our day.

Frankly, we're overdue; April normally averages close to 30 millimetres of rainfall and so far we've had 0.4 mm.

Your five-day:



Daytime high: 14 C

Evening: largely clear, low 0 C



Daytime high: 16 C

Evening: largely clear, low 3 C


Mainly cunny

Daytime high: 19 C

Evening: largely clear, low 3 C


Cloudy, rainy, then snowy!

Daytime high: 4 C

Evening: scattered flurries, low -3 C


Partly cloudy

Daytime high: 6 C

Evening: some cloud, low -2 C

Our photos today just capture the clarity we've been enjoying – Marni snapped a shot down by Edworthy:

Calgary Bow River Edworthy Park

…and Gordon caught the crescent moon!

Calgary crescent moon

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