CALGARY -- A special weather statement and snowfall warning has been dropped in the southern Alberta region, but residents are still waking up to a frosty October Saturday.

On Friday morning, Environment Canada issued a snow squall watch for Calgary and put several areas other areas in southern Alberta under a snowfall warning.

Now, as of 9:30 a.m. Saturday, the warnings are gone, but the cold weather remains.

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The agency says Calgary is only expected to reach a high of -3C for the day, while overnight lows are expected to hit -12C. The situation in Alberta's capital is not much better, as Edmonton is forecasted to see a high of -4C with the same overnight low.

Environment Canada says the warmest it has ever been in Calgary on this date was 24.4C, back in 1963.

It has been much colder than the city's forecasted high on Saturday. According to historical data, it was -13.9C on Oct. 17, 1892.

Edmonton's high temperature record for Oct. 17 was set back in 2018, when it was a balmy 24.7C.

The warmest spot in the entire country as of 9 a.m. is Chéticamp, NS (21.4C) while the coldest is Beaver Creek Airport, YT (-26.2C).